There’s really nothing in the world that this vicious raptor won’t attack! Yep, it’s true – the eagle is a fearsome bird of prey, but they are also recognized as a symbol of strength and power all across the world.
The majestic bald eagle is even the national bird of the USA, due to its links to authority and statehood. If you’ve ever witnessed a deadly attack from this big bird, you’ll know the majestic eagle lives up to its impressive reputation.
From eagles that will strike a fully grown grizzly bear, to the bird that decided to wrestle with an octopus, these are the 15 Deadliest Eagle Attacks in The World.
Anyone else realize the eagle that’s “attacking” the goat isn’t even a real eagle it a drawing. The picture of the eagle and the gout was taken on a dam and the eagle is photo shopped in the photo you can tell by the white lines around it.

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